4 Sets Mini Caulk Scraper Tool

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Did you ever have a problem with a caulk during your housework?

Did you ever ask yourself is there any easier way?


✓ Our Mini Handmade Tools Scraper is easy to use.

✓ Has the ability to design and be creative.

Save your time.

Caulk scraper tool removes caulk fast and easy, the caulking tool goes smoothly for a perfect caulking bead. It's easy and simple, it saves you time. After work is done, you can enjoy some fresh and cold drink.

How to use:

Caulk removal tool:
  1. Pick up the remover to make full contact with the old filler
  2. To make the point of the old filling material
  3. Drive removal
  4.  If the old filler is still there, please repeat it.
Caulking tool:
  1. Pick up the caulking tool
  2. To make the  caulking tool and the filling material into 45 degrees
  3. Pull the  caulking tool, so that the filling material into the gap in the full penetration 

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  • 4 sets of 2pcs Mini Caulk Scraper Tool
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