Car Bluetooth Transmitter

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Easy DIY installation no experience needed!

Want to hear music from your smartphone in your car? But you don't have an AUX input to connect your car phone? This product is just for you! A small high-quality device that will provide you the highest quality dual car charger and a Bluetooth receiver from your smartphone that transmits sound to your standard FM-Radio system.

Simply connect the charger to the cigarette lighter socket in your car then connect it via Bluetooth to your smartphone device. 
The easy Initial setup of the xiaomi roidmi transmitter is set to frequency 96.4FM . you can download the official application of xiaomi roidmii and set the device to any other frequency in a few simple clicks.


  • tronger transmitter- chose any frequency you want.
  • Support both iPhone and Android
  • Faster Charging- improved from 5V/2.1A to 5V/3.4A
  • New Design- Fits all cars and models
  • Hands Free- high-quality microphone that allows you to make calls.
  • Available only in 3S version.
  • Available only in 2S version.
  • Comes with two 5V/3.4A outputs.
Download Free app for iPhone devices
Download Free app for Android devices.1080-2











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