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Is your butt always sore after a long day in the chair? Try EasySit. Discover the only seat cushion made of Elasticore. It absorbs impact and spread out pressure so ensure your sitting experience is top-notch and pain-free! Your weight is totally distributed by EasySit giving you back much needed relief. 

  • Ideal for long sitting session - be they at work, in the car, or home

EasySit is designed for anyone who spends long hours hunched over the computer, travelers who skip across the world without ever leaving their seat, salesmen who valiantly travel the interminable roads in search of their next sale - EasySit is for anyone who suffers from sitting in one position for too long.

Relief has finally arrived for our pain office workers, travelers, salesmen, and gamers

  • Spread the pressure, relieve the pain

Sitting for long periods puts pressure on the tailbone and hips. If you know this pain all too well... If your muscles are often sore and stiff after hours on a seat... If your spine is but a column of pain caused by the curse of poor posture... Then EasySit is for you. With the revolutionary EasySit cushion you can finally get the comfort your crave. Thanks to its honeycomb design, the pressure points are blunted and weight is distributed so you feel as light as a feather.

  • Elasticore to fit your shapes

Ultra-flexible, EasySit offers optimal lumbar support for maximum comfort. By perfectly form fitting to the shape of your body, EasySit offers truly unparalleled comfort.

  • Works with the majority of chairs

No matter how you sit, you should opt for maximum comfort with EasySit. On an office chair, a stool, the seat of a car... Its smart format will adapt to any kind of chair or seating. Going on a picnic? Out for a day camping? Don't forget your personal posture pal!

  • Let the air circulate so you can stay cool

Leather makes you sweat and classic cushions are just too warm. Not so with EasySit. And its all thanks to its hundreds of individual cells that let air circulate around you even as you sit.

  • Sold, durable construction

The elasticity of the cushion and its Elasticore construction allow it to stand the test of time... unlike traditional cushions that quickly wear out and lose their softness. Unlike lame traditional cushions, EasySitwill follow you anywhere and everywhere so you can live the comfortable pain free life you've always wanted!


  • EasySit: cushion and cover included
  • Spread out the points of contact with the chair for maximum comfort!
  • Form-fitting design and material
  • Offers ideal lumbar support
  • Relive lower body tension
  • Improve your posture
  • Relieve tailbone pressure
  • Stay cool and let the air circulate
  • Works with any kind of chair
  • Durable and resistant
  • Dimensions: 15.7 X 17.3 X 1.5 in (40 X 44 X 4cm)
  • Weight: 1kg
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